Travel is Relative

Day 2.

Woke up today to a puddle of oil under Travis's bike and a bit of a headache from the "few" pints the night before....

On we went and stopped for breakfast/lunch/brunch/whatever in Cascade MT. I've been here before and it was amazing breakfast so why not go again eh?  After much confusion about my order, my 4 egg omelet arrives, complete with Kraft cheese slices melted on top. I mean I can't complain I am eating breakfast in a bar.

So as we're setting up the cameras etc and getting on the bikes, one of the servers comes outside for a smoke. We end up chatting for a bit and she ends up telling me she took a few years off to "travel". Naturally I'm thinking that this chick went to Greece or Iceland or some crazy shit. She goes on to tell me she travelled for a few YEARS around Florida and Georgia, and once to Chicago.... I would certainly not think that it would take a few years to travel these places nor would i really consider that serious "travelling". But, the conviction in her story was amazing and this thought came to me; travel is relative.

She had the time of her life in those years and she didn't even have to leave the country.

Travel is relative.