The mayor of Pocatello and Utah "lemonade"

Day 3.

Woke up in one of the worst motels I've ever been in (and that's saying a lot) in Dubois ID. It was 30 degrees and they were "unable" to shut off the heating in the rooms. Awesome.


Had to stop by one of my favourite places; Pocatello ID. Years ago when I was in a touring band we played a show here and had no idea the one heck of a night we were about to have. Across from the venue was a legendary bar called Duffy's. There was a terrible cover band and cheap beer so let's just say we were off to a great start. In walks a giant of a man like an outlaw kicking down the doors of a saloon. He has but one statement to make; "I'll pay $100 to the man that arm wrestles me and wins". Naturally our guitar player Robb who is chock full of PBR and PMA takes that bet. As they're setting up to decide who is the real man, Russ (the outlaw arm wrestler" nonchalantly mentions that he's the mayor of Pocatello. Needless to say Russ nearly breaks Robb's arm and we all concurrently agree we need to hit the gym more...


The day got progressively hotter the further south we rode, to the point where the backs of my hands got sunburnt. When will I learn to always wear gloves....

At a gas station outside of Salt Lake City in the late afternoon, Travis says "you know you're missing your plate right?". I lost my entire license plate bracket AGAIN, just last year on a surfing trip to Tofino BC I lost another one. Today, is awesome.

I ride on like the true criminal I am and we find ourselves in Grantsville UT. Couldn't find a motel or place to stay but hey the Miller Lites are cheaper than water at the local watering hole "Dead Dog Saloon". We decide to camp for the night, ride 12 miles outside of town and end up crashing someone's campsite. This amazing lady (Theresa) let us set up our tents next to a creek deep in the wilderness. We build a fire and crack a few Keystones (yknow, the cans with the American flag on em?) and before we know it Theresa stops by with a special "Utah lemonade".      Needless to say we end up drinking all this delicious concoction and talk around the fire deep into the early AM. 

Fell asleep staring up at the star filled sky, just one of those moments yknow?

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