He's got more GRIT than you...



Day 1. 800+ kilometres.

Late start (of course), caught in a few thunderstorms, battling sideways highway winds that come close to sweeping your two wheels out from under you, couple beers at the Classic 50's casino (and by casino I mean a few VLTs in a room) which was also not so "50's", and some extremely random but interesting conversations.

After checking into the motel in Great Falls MT, our neighbour who was every bit of 75 years old commented on our bikes. Clearly he is living at the motel and who knows but I would bet a days wage that he has been here since this nearly abandoned ruin was built. Maybe it's the wood paneling, maybe it's the note scrawled on the door that reads "kick" to open, instead of just repairing the rotting wood frame. Not only did he have 3 cars that were "for sale" but it seems he was quite the Harley lover back in the day, as he so hastily felt the need to inform/reassure us. He took one look at Travis's bike and said "you drove HOW far? With THOSE handlebars??"  Coincidentally enough, last night I had an oddly similar conversation with Jeff when I picked up my bike from the Always Running garage. You see, Travis is doing this trip on a 1973 Honda 750. Not exactly a long road trip/touring type of bike. Jeff said "well, I guess if he does do the whole trip on that bike then he's got more grit than you!" 

After today the verdict is still out as to who's got more grit, however the relic from 1973 performed like the beauty she once was, or quite possibly still is. Only time will tell but today was passed with flying colours.