Genius in NYC

I am in love with progress. I am obsessed with movement. Nothing feels better than getting shit done.....

I was in NYC years ago, with a girl I was sorta kinda dating. Besides the point I know,  but I don't recommend going on a three week road trip with a car of 3 girls you don't really know. Anyhow, naturally we were hitting the bars pretty hard and one night we are on the lower east side at a bar I can't remember. With people I don't remember. However, the one part of the conversation stuck with me and most likely always will. Table full of people and the girls are talking about sex, what they like and prefer etc etc. In the middle of this conversation, one of the girl's boyfriend (who is hammered) says "yknow what really feels good? Getting shit done!" And everybody laughed and thought  nothing of it. I will never forget it. Why? Because in that drunk dudes brain he just came up with some pretty profound shit. And he's 100% right.

Today was an amazing day for me in terms of planning and certain things coming together for this motorcycle film. Like an amateur I've only last minute started talking to sponsors and possible partnerships with brands. However,better late than never. The feeling of a plan coming together truly is unreal. 

So, again; Nothing feels better than getting shit done.