Things I Haven’t Lost Yet part 2 of 2

I am actually amazed I’ve had some of these things/clothes for as long as I have. Somehow I’ve managed to hang on to them, and I’ve learned that if you buy quality stuff, it’s gonna last almost as long as you want it to.

JACKET (Naked and Famous Denim)

You absolutely cannot beat a classic type III denim jacket. I wonder sometimes if I could’ve or should’ve been a trucker in the 70’s in a past life, because this jacket is literally a second skin to me. 13.75 ounce left hand twill Japanese denim, basically a denim enthusiasts dream combination. I’ve never washed this jacket, as you shouldn’t when it comes to raw denim, but it has seen it’s fair share of rain, snow, wind, and heat so I guess if I was keeping score one could say it’s been “rinsed” and absolved of some of its sins a few times I guess.

VEST (Tough Duck)

This beauty is a tried and true piece of blue collar workwear. It’s a simple canvas vest with a heavy brass zipper and brass rivets. Wearing this on the highway when the weather takes a turn for the worse is absolutely crucial. It feels like I’m wearing a suit of armour and after the 5 years of endless miles and abuse, it still holds up like it is brand new.


This is an interesting one. I’ve heard this called a shemagh or keffiya, neither of which I know anything about, all I know is it is extremely light and breathable as well as very versatile. I’ve had a few of these over the years (again, I lose things) but this latest replacement was purchased from a US Army Surplus store somewhere in Idaho I believe. What’s even more interesting believe it or not than me vaguely explaining where I bought it was the experience the first week I had it. I was riding through some small town in eastern Arizona when I stopped for gas/snacks/beer etc. My usual scarf wear method is to wrap it around my head and face, so that only my eyes are showing. Feels like a pillow inside the helmet and cuts down on bugs and rocks/debris hitting my face. As I’m going through the most likely hilarious movements to wrap my head like a damn Christmas present, an older white trash looking piece of shit dude in a lifted piece of shit truck leans out of his window while leaving his side of the gas pump and yells “GO HOME YOU FUCKIN RAGHEAD”. I, am shocked and appalled. For real I was stunned for a second, in complete disbelief that someone would even say something so ignorant. I was so fired up watching the truck peel away I don’t even remember exactly what I said/yelled back but I’m fairly sure it wasn’t the wittiest retort but you better believe I meant it. Might I also add that this guy had a ton of US flag stickers on his truck, which is extremely ironic considering the scarf was US military issue...


Also purchased at an army surplus store (are you sensing a theme here?) this time in Las Vegas. A toque/beanie in Vegas you ask? Yes. I choose where the deals are ok they find me. Unfortunately no name calling while wearing this item although this life is not over so there is still hope.


Arguably one of my favourite pieces of clothing, as well as dependable and long lasting. These are my second pair of Red Wing Moc Toes, and as I definitely subscribe to the “you can never have enough” philosophy (ie: motorcycles, boots, girlfriends, beers etc) I prefer to have only 2 pairs of Red Wings in rotation, any more and it would create far too much indecision. These beautiful leather clad slices of heaven have seen more highway and life than most of my clothing, and still have about one more year before I’ll replace the classic traction tred cushion crepe wedge soles. I’ve put these poor bastards through so much hell im surprised they don’t leave me in the night for a more gentle and caring owner. Although they have stayed regularly oiled, I have had to improvise on what type of oil depending on location and circumstances. After riding through the Bonneville salt flats for ONE day I noticed the sole and some thread breaking from the soul/sole crushing sun and salt permeating every pore. So, being the eternal optimist and eternal resource-ist, as well as lacking boot oil in the middle of a desert of salt, I poured about 1/4 quart of sweet 20/50 motor oil into the leather and sole of those beauties and I believe (at least for a moment) their thirst was quenched. Absolutely epic boots that hold up in any climate and condition, are incredibly comfortable, and once broken in look oh so amazing.

These are a few of my necessary and near irreplaceable road trip items. Clearly I care a lot about overall appearance, but I find that these things look amazing as well as hold up to some pretty gruelling travel experiences.