Special announcement by none other than Patrick Kordyback

(I'm slowly expanding the vision and reach of The Always Running, so I brought my best bud Patrick on board.)

Here is his introductory post: 


For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted so much more than the mundane. Since I was a little boy, I have daydreamed from the moment I woke up in the morning until I finally fell asleep. The problem for me has always been sporadic bursts of willingness to actually get up and do something about it. At certain points in my life, I have been among the very few who can actually say they’ve achieved the greatness they’ve always dreamed about. At others, I’ve spent months and years wishing and wanting, only to fall back into whichever dead-end I was wallowing in at the time. There is one constant in my life every time I move back towards the peak of the mountain, and it’s the presence of my partner in crime (sometimes literally), Daniel Johnson. Most people aren’t fortunate enough to have that person in their lives who will do anything to support and help you improve upon your greatest assets, while at the same time tearing you to shreds until you overcome what makes you weak. If you can find someone who will do that for you, allow you to do the same for them, and somehow maintain an airtight friendship: never let that go. It has made me realize that whether I am taking one step forward or two steps back, I am always running, and by definition that process never stops. The Always Running is the constant pursuit of experience, and I’ve been naturally committed to that idea since birth. To be honest, I’m still not sure how my being a part of this will even look, but I cannot wait to find out.

                                       Love, Patrick