Pinches Tacos and Swingers Diner

I wake up later than usual with a headache and a throbbing leg AKA a hangover and a fresh tattoo.

Travis was getting a tattoo for his girlfriend, it was a four eyed cat with her nickname. So, I thought it would be hilarious to also get a cat tattoo, since I hate cats. I mean at this point I'm running out of real estate so who cares right?

We get to one of the most epic tattoo shops I've been to (Golden Daggers), and after explaining my stupid tattoo idea they immediately refer me to "the cat lady". As I'm looking through her portfolio I realize they weren't lying about that moniker whatsoever. At least I'm in the hands of a professional, someone who specializes in cat tattoos (what are the chances?).

I squirm and complain for two hours (I'm old ok and they hurt a lot more now) and my pink four eyed kitty is eternalized on my inner thigh. Then, like the true fool I am I forget we have a scene planned for this denim commercial that has me jumping into a pool in a few hours. I'm a terrible listener but I swear one of the pearls of advice every tattooer gives, is DO NOT GO SWIMMING. Awesome. I'm an idiot.

Next up a friend of ours (J Chris Newberg) is doing a show at the Laugh Factory. I love comedy shows and realize that on a Tuesday night at 11pm they don't exactly "stack the bill" if ya know what I mean. Good laughs and extremely overpriced drinks ensue. Another night in Hollywood, howling with laughter and imbibing more than most normal people should.