Yesterday explained

Day 12

I feel like I didn't explain the last blog post's title.

One of my best buds moved to Vegas about a year ago and I try to visit as much as I can. So on this trip Travis and I stayed at his condo. Not a fan of the strip/tourists or really Vegas in general, we decide to go to what can only be described as a "locals only" type hole in the wall bar. The place was whatever, nothing fancy and fairly uninteresting. However, there was a couple sitting at the bar, chatting loudly and enjoying the evening it seems. This goes on for easily 15-20 min, Travis steps out for a phone call, I'm sitting with my buddy, and all hell breaks loose. As if an invisible hypnotist snapped his fingers, the male half of the happy couple has gone full blown non-verbal-zero-motor-skills-hammered. The chick is trying to help him stand up off his stool (bad idea) and the dude falls back into nothingness and spread eagles on his back. It was then I thought maybe just maybe they were playing charades, and I would certainly have guessed this guy got "drunk snow angel" for his turn. Guess not. My friend and I rush to help this guy/sack of meat up off the floor and proceed to Frankenstein walk him to his girlfriends car. This dude was not small by any means and it was quite the feat to shoehorn him into a compact car seat.

Travis walks back in and says "what happened! 2 minutes ago that guy was doing long division?!"