36 hours in Vegas and the man who went from tipsy to flatline wasted in 2 minutes

Day 11


I'll never forget the first time I drove into Vegas at night  and saw that gigantic isolated oasis of neon lights emerge from the desert of darkness.


Years ago my band had a tour starting in Southern California and I chose to drive down a few days early with our crew (instead of flying from Toronto to start the tour) to "truly experience Vegas".


The 3 of us essentially recreated The Hangover movie, I woke up the following afternoon to discover our tour manager had vanished into the night. Our sound guy and I went on a mission to find our TM, fighting through our crippling hangovers in the Vegas afternoon heat. We end up locating our lost man and put the pieces together to determine he had found himself an overnight girlfriend the night before, hence his disappearance. In the wake of our reunion we decide to celebrate by poisoning ourselves further with all the party fixins Las Vegas has to offer.

I awake to a phone call the following afternoon, somehow managing to croak out a "hello?" into my phone. It was Robb our guitar player (who had been having a vacation for the last week in LA) calling to tell me this: "hey man, I'm getting married today, I'll see you in a few hours". Surely this must be a dream and I swiftly return to my much needed REM cycle.


A few short hours later I awake to a knocking on my hotel room door. It's Robb, bright eyed and bushy tailed, urging me to "get my shit together, today he's getting married". I promptly wash my best shirt's collar in the sink and choke down a lukewarm beer. Now I'm ready to process my existence. Next thing I remember I'm signing a marriage certificate at the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel.


Now it's time to celebrate (again). We suit up in the classiest clothes we had packed and headed into the night. Our TM (10+ beers deep) decides to wear a hotel throw blanket as an ascot with his suit. It looked fully insane but also extremely interesting at the same time. I'll spare the downright nasty details but let's just say doormen/bouncers and beautiful women were so impressed with his outfit that our entire party didn't wait nor pay for anything that night.


And that, was my first time staying in Las Vegas.