California Continued (#2)



First stop: San Francisco.

MY California (in my mind) was 80 degrees, palm trees, and all my pop punk celebrities/heroes in all their Warped Tour -esque glory. The tropical paradise where all my dreams were to come true. Surely this San Francisco couldn’t be California. There is just no way. Not to mention the show we played that night had a staggering attendance of oh about 10 people, so that may have biased my initial disappointment.

Next stop: HEAVEN (Los Angeles). Much like that first interaction with my sweet high school angel, my heart was pounding and my eyes wide. Cue the quote from Californication: “the complete and  utter cliche of driving west on Mulholland”.


My first night in LA is when I feel California truly broke my teenage heart. I realized after our 20 minutes of glory on stage (5-6 loosely rehearsed “songs”) that we most certainly were not in Kansas anymore. Watching the headlining band rifle through their songs with razor sharp proficiency and expert showmanship.


Realistically they were average at best but i mean, I had stars in my eyes (and ears?). I decided then that 1. I suck, and 2. maybe playing music was not my calling. That same moment with my high school bride to be, when I realized we’re not even having the same conversation, from what I remember just broken English on my end. I stumble and stutter my words in a horrible attempt at being witty, and just like that the word exchange is over and she drifts out of my grasp and out of my life forever. “Like some smoke that I tried too hard to hold…”. Next time. Next time for sure I’ll do better, next time I’ll make her fall madly in love with me.


Coincidentally i had the same conversation with Los Angeles. I had the highest of hopes and was essentially eaten alive.

It did not end there. I’ve been dancing with that city for well over a decade at this point...


to be continued…