The rescue of Walter the dog and Denny's 3 times in a day.


That's right. I'm not proud of it. Not a whole lot of dining options from Kelowna to Calgary and yknow what? I don't mind the breakfast. Currently in my 3rd Denny's of the day trying to dry off for the 3rd time today. For those that don't know, sitting at a laundromat for 30 min to dry your clothes, only to be caught in another storm 30 min later really, really sucks. 


For the past few days I've been staying at my close friend Darrel's, in west Kelowna. He has this gigantic spread of land out in the wilderness, so let's just say this was probably the one and only time I wasn't terribly upset about being rained out on the road. Our first night consisted of bottles of liquor somehow disappearing as well as homemade pizza and literally throwing gasoline on a fire.

The next morning we are moving slow and its looks as though it's gonna take some time to recover. However, in the late afternoon we discover that one of the three dogs Darrel has, has gone missing. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, you'd go looking and calling and 9 times out of 10 your dog hasn't gone far. This time we weren't so lucky. Acres and acres of untouched wilderness, small mountains, humongous trees, and a river that can only be described as ferocious and menacing. At this point it's dusk, the sun is setting, and time is certainly not on our side. Armed with a semi automatic shotgun and a backpack full of granola and water bottles we set out on our search and rescue mission. Treacherous trees and slippery slopes seem determined to stop our mission. It had rained all day long, so there were many close calls, both of us slipped and nearly fell 30 metres to what I would imagine would be a bad ending to an otherwise good day.

We continue on, trudging through the soaking wet foliage. Emotions and our adrenaline is running high, for this is no ordinary dog we are looking for. This dog is Walter. This dog is one of "those" dogs. The kind that makes you wonder "how is this dog so smart?", "did he go to school?", "is there a human brain trapped underneath all this fur and drool?". Walter is by far one of Darrel's best friends, if not THE best friend.

It's now past midnight and completely pitch black. The batteries in our flashlights are slowly fading. We've trekked easily 10 kilometres in the dark wilderness, still no Walter. Everyone is thinking it, no one wants to say it. The thought of him alone out here with the bears, cougars, coyotes, and who knows what else would definitely keep us up all night.

Then, out of the darkness, there's a yelp from across this small valley of absolute black nothingness. Darrel, with a glimmer of hope back in his voice instantly says "that's him! I know it is". We hustle and move quickly through the brush, our flashlights dimming, our ears leading us blindly. Are our senses playing tricks on us in this vulnerable state? Are we seeing and hearing things? There was Walter, scared and soaking wet in the unforgiving dark night. High fives all around, we found him!!!

On the way back to the house, Darrel says "what's happening? My eyes are sweating!".