Valley of the gods and a sore neck

Day 9

Running on 1-2 hours of real sleep we continue our trek south, today our destination is Bluff UT. We've devised an ever so genius shot for this denim commercial and it consists of me being dragged behind a bike in the dirt to really "test the jeans". How, you ask? On an inner tube of course.


Less than 2 hours left of daylight and we finally make it to our location: Valley Of The Gods. Riding only 20 miles outside of Bluff we are surprised with the most unbelievable scenery. One moment you are on lonely, winding roads that seem to be hanging on for dear life on a mountainside, to gigantic open spaces. These vast expanses of land seem to stretch to the end of the horizon, then corralled by what can only be described as flat mountains. I've never seen anything like it. For a few miles it looks like something out of the Jurassic era, then a few more miles and it could almost be mistaken for some kind of ancient Mayan civilization ruins. Taking a picture just won't do it justice, I looked at some of the pics I took and it doesn't even look the same. 


Who knows what secrets these lands have seen? It's amazing to me that in present day there are somewhat untouched majestic landscapes in America. Now that we've filmed for days in Utah, it's on to the desert. An equally unknown and enormous place, I can't imagine what we will see there.