$9 machetes and anthills disguised as campsites

Day 8

Green River Utah, Americana at its finest. Such a cool little town with the friendliest people. Had some minor bike maintenance to get done and the small mechanic shop was more than happy to let us borrow some tools. Ain't that America.

The road to Moab was a challenging one. Found a ghost town/automotive graveyard on one of the secondary highways (in other words I totally forgot what exit to take and we rode about 30 min too far, hence the diagonal secondary highway to meet up with the correct one). At this ghost town we ran into a guy on a bicycle, doing some trip across America, with no phone, and about 3 sips of water left in his bottle, in +35 degree heat... So I gave him what I had left for water (we were only 40 miles from Moab at this point) and he went on his way. Strange people out here.

Travis and I stayed a little too long filming some B roll stuff at the ghost town and started feeling a little parched. The next 40 miles got a little squirrelly. The heat was passing +40 degrees and subsequently cooking our brains. We finally rolled into Moab on the verge of heat exhaustion and slight hallucinations. Nothing a few cervezas can't fix.


In the wake of some cold oat sodas, we decide to camp for the night and head to the general store for supplies. Which consisted of: a machete, Budweiser, a thermos full of gin (Travis is weird, I don't get it either), lighter fluid, one cucumber, and a Jiffy Pop popcorn. Just the basics yknow?


Our campsite turns out to be basically a sandlot with ants. It was also the windiest I've ever seen, our tents literally became huge kites and we had to run after them tumbling through other campers sites. Awesome. Goes without saying but it was literally the worst night ever. Insane wind and heat and ants everywhere, we almost considered leaving around 1am haha.


If there's two things I've learned today it's that Jiffy Pop popcorn is delicious no matter where you make it, and that Travis does an excellent wealthy southerner accent.