Sweatpants on a motorcycle/I hate everything

Day 6


Due to yesterday, wearing no pants for hours on the salt flats I completely torched my legs to the point of excruciating pain. I was in so much pain I couldn't even put jeans on, so the compromise was to find sweatpants. Naturally I was looking for the American flag sweats but hey, I guess it just wasn't my day to be patriotic.


Travelling by motorcycle is truly the best/worst. I feel there is no in between. With sunburnt legs and sweats whipping in the wind I'd chalk today up to being the worst.


So we cut the day short and ended up getting a top notch 2 star hotel. Travis took me out for a "nice" meal aka the bar and grill attached to the hotel across the street. Best part was when Travis ordered ribs and the server said "no one has ever ordered the ribs here"....