We're going to Mexico


So, this next trip is essentially a combination of previous adventures I've already had. Riding from Edmonton AB all the way to Sahuarita AZ and then north up the famous PCH highway back into Canada, then returning up the west coast. Except this time I'm bringing my filmmaker friend Travis to document the whole ridiculous ride. Every single motorcycle trip I've been on I always start out with the mindset and motto "write it down, take a picture" and consequently NEVER ACTUALLY DO IT. I come home with this sobering realization that I have returned empty handed with nothing except the memories in my head (well, the ones I can recall that is...).  this time I certainly won't return empty handed. On this particular trip we will be hitting every roadside diner and biker bar from here to AZ, camping out in the Mojave desert, riding on the classic Bonneyville Salt Flats, getting dental work done in Nogales Mx. and  cooking meals literally ON a motorcycle...

This is the first official AR film and I can't wait to get on that familiar old friend, the highway.